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  • Optima Cycles B.V.
  • Recumbentparts.com
  • Salland 5-7
  • 1948 RE Beverwijk
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel. +31.251.261222
  • Fax. +31.251.261229
  • info@recumbentparts.com
Optima Quik-Pak Trailer

Optima Quik-Pak Trailer

The Quik-Pak trailer was designed by Cycle Tectonics of Canon City, Colorado (USA), and built by Optima Recumbents of The Netherlands. The Quik-Pak is designed to provide you with “Simply the Best” in bicycle trailers. You can carry cargo without the hassle of panniers, or more cumbersome trailers.

MSRP: €249,-

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€ 159.00

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